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If you are working in any capacity to improve under-served communities in the United States or Africa, you need to join our network!

If you working to promote strategic planning and other project management skills among community leaders in these locations, you need to join our network!

Membership is for an individual or an organization and is on an annual basis, can also be paid monthly. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, membership with The Spring Development Initiative (TSDI) is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Tax receipts will be emailed every February to US members. Read more about membership HERE and HERE.

To join us officially, select a membership level and pay the annual fees below. Then complete your registration to become a member - Thank you.

Annual Membership Fees
Your email

What are the membership levels and fees? [The mountains/hills of Nigeria]
a.                   Waddi - $10,000/year
b.                   Idanre - $5,000/year.
c.                   Obudu - $2000/year.
d.                   Olumo - $1000/year.
e.                   Zuma - $750/year.
f.                    Aso - $500/year.
g.                   Shere - $200/year
h.                   Gongola - $100/year
i.                     Plateau - $50/year

Membership supports programming in each of our core impact areas: Economic Development, Quality Education, Improved Health and Good Governance.