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The Spring Development Initiative is a nonprofit which supports volunteer community builders to gain practical leadership and executive skills from implementing community-driven development projects. We are committed to providing leadership training, project funding and mentoring, as a sustainable way to achieve positive social change in low-income communities. The Spring Development Initiative (TSDI) is a registered 501(c)3 notprofit charity organization. We empower potential leaders through learning initiatives, research products, collaborative forums, access to scholarships and investments, and providing the seed funding they need in taking action to improve their communities. We equip them with training and experiential skills in core areas like needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability. We work in four impact areas - governance, education, healthcare and economic development - in the United States and in low and middl
Recent posts

COVID-19: How our Partner SI4DEV is Supporting Low-income Communities

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, TSDI’s flagship program was our affiliate partnership with Strategy for Innovation and Development (SI4DEV), an NGO in Nigeria. TSDI worked with SI4DEV to design the SI4DEV Partners Training Program in 2017. The training program offers an informal certificate on community development to trainees who successful pass through WhatsApp classes and offline project-based learning. Since 2018, alumni who have graduated from this 6-month program have led various projects, including educational handwashing outreach among other health campaigns. I will be working on this project with SI4DEV Partners and Volunteers, many of whom I have met over the past two years during trips to Nigeria (funded personally). In 2018, the training program graduated the inaugural class of about 40 trainees, who now form the core of the 90-strong Collaborative Alunmi group.

TSDI Donates $5000 to SI4DEV to Fight COVID-19 in Nigeria

These are challenging times for most of us, but even more so for countries and communities where there are no social protections. The United Nations is estimating doubled unemployment in Africa and the IMF has announced a global recession. It is envisaged that the COVID-19 outbreak will be devastating to Nigerians if there is no relief from government and philanthropists. Local NGOs need to step up because foreign donors are battling the pandemic in their countries, international and domestic flights are closed, and foreign travelers are being quarantined. It is with this background that TSDI has decided to donate targeted funding to SI4DEV, our affiliate partner in Nigeria. Organizations like SI4DEV are deeply rooted in their local communities and are therefore best positioned to provide reliable support at times like this when western NGOs are pulling their staff out of the country and fund raising to focus relief efforts elsewhere. With the SI4DEV Partners Training Program wh