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The Spring Development Initiative is a nonprofit which supports volunteer community builders to gain practical leadership and executive skills from implementing community-driven development projects. We are committed to providing leadership training, project funding and mentoring, as a sustainable way to achieve positive social change in low-income communities.

The Spring Development Initiative (TSDI) is a registered 501(c)3 notprofit charity organization.

We empower potential leaders through learning initiatives, research products, collaborative forums, access to scholarships and investments, and providing the seed funding they need in taking action to improve their communities. We equip them with training and experiential skills in core areas like needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability.

We work in four impact areas - governance, education, healthcare and economic development - in the United States and in low and middle income countries…
Recent posts

Street Business School Partnership

In April, TSDI embarked on a new adventure as a way to strengthen our ongoing commitment to grow human capital and eradicate poverty.

We supported our affiliate in Nigeria to become Street Business School (SBS) certified! This has allowed them to add an entrepreneurial education program to their existing services. SI4DEV is currently the only SBS global catalyst partner in Nigeria!

SBS is a six-month, mobile classroom uniquely tailored to meet the needs of those we serve in our local communities. SBS creates transformation for people living in poverty by building confidence and igniting entrepreneurial skills. Those living in this economic group are most likely to lack the skills and confidence to start their own business. We will help them do just that!

Past SBS success shows that graduates increase their income an average of 54% at graduation and once they are earning an income, graduates will be able to participate fully to improve their community. This new approach to achieving o…

Global Business Forum at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington

2019 is looking amazing! In May, three of us board members of The Spring Development Initiative, participated in the Global Business Forum with grad students at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington. We discussed our organizational strategy, business model, personal resilience, work done so far and way forward.

The vibe was mindblowing and the professor later emailed us the student's takeaways. Three of them are below:

"Hearing about a passion project was a unique perspective, particularly something related to a home culture and country. Different from many other speakers, this panel had to balance full-time jobs with a side non-profit, which I think touched on new elements of resilience. –Eric
I think they are a very inspiring group of people who are using their skills to help out folks who are truly in need. Very awesome! -Megan
I think they brought a unique perspective because they not only spoke on their work as a non-profit, but as part-time work. As a…