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The Spring Development Initiative (TSDI) is a registered 501(c)3 notprofit charity organization. We support community leaders to gain practical skills from implementing community driven projects, leadership training and mentoring, as a sustainable way to achieve positive social change.

We empower these leaders through learning initiatives, research products, collaborative forums, access to scholarships and investments, and providing the seed funding they need in taking action to improve their communities. We equip them with training and experiential skills in core areas like needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability.

We work in four impact areas - governance, education, healthcare and economic development - in the United States and in low and middle income countries. Our programs focus on supporting community leaders to develop, implement and scale innovative products, services, and action plans for key policies and target populations, incl…
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Wishing You Peace and Joy this Christmas and Beyond

As we celebrate this Christmas holidays, we at The Spring Development Initiative wish you all the best of the season, warmth for those who live in the colder regions, and a happy and healthy 2019. 

We also want to thank you for your amazing help and support to the TSDI cause in 2018! You may not personally know anyone on the TSDI board or volunteer team. Your home may be very far from where our projects take place. But I want to assure you that you encourage us by being a part of our community, and your financial donations make a powerful difference in the lives of our partners and beneficiaries.

We appreciate your generosity, compassion and your heart of giving.

Any funds given to TSDI go towards empowering our partners to become better managers and leaders in their community. Through them, you are helping to provide access to water, life skills, vocational training, vision care, educational support, leadership development, improved health outcomes and economic opportunity to grassroots…

Thank You so Much For #GivingTuesday!

Dear Friends. We want to thank you for your generous support so far to our various projects! From our very first initial appeal to fund the Uyo crop processing facility, you have always been there to stand with us.thank you so much for all your efforts and your heart of giving and compassion. We raised almost $1,000 for #GivingTuesday!

We are also using this opportunity to appeal for you support our End of Year Giving Season and join The Spring Development Initiative as a monthly supporter. You'll be helping us empower leaders in communities in Nigeria, and on-board new affiliates in two new countries for 2019!

So, if you're looking for a way to brighten the future this Holiday season, and start your philanthropic goals for 2019, this could be the perfect opportunity.

1. GlobalGiving will provide 100% match to all recurring donations through December 31 as long as they remain active for four months. Start your contribution.…

Give Today to Boost TSDI's Fundraising Impact #GivingTuesday

TSDI is participating in #GivingTuesday to raise funds for several pilot projects to help develop and improve grassroots communities in Nigeria. You can help us achieve our goals by donating to us today, November 27th, 2018.

By giving TODAY, you help us boost our impact, as follows;

1. GlobalGiving has $150,000 set aside to match of all donations to all projects. Select your project and GIVE NOW.

2. Also, Facebook will match donations up to $7 million to US nonprofits on Facebook. You can donate to us directly using the DONATE button You can also easily create a fundraiser for The Spring Development Initiative and share it with friends to help us raise money.

3. From November 27 through December 31, PayPal Giving Fund will add 1% to all donations made to TSDI through

Please use these options to support our …

TSDI Affiliate in Nigeria Holds Inaugural Workshop Summit

The Spring Development Initiative is a proud supporter of the workshop summit for community volunteers and other practitioners in the Development community by our Nigerian affiliate, Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) in partnership with Clean Technology Hub. The inaugural summit is themed: “Achieving Community-Led Development Through Community-Driven Development Projects.”

SI4DEV is in the exclusive position of seeding a consistent project implementation model across Nigeria. For the past year, we have been working at the intersection of behavior change, capacity building, impact and sustainability through the SI4DEV Partners training program.

This November, SI4DEV Partners from across 30 States and the FCT will converge in Abuja, Nigeria for an inspiring event featuring three key planks.

Project Management and Performance Improvement Training – Breakout Sessions, PanelsAction Planning for Impact, Sustainability, Governance and Accountability – One-on-one Cli…

Frequently Asked Questions About TSDI

What is TSDI?

TSDI (The Spring Development Initiative) is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in the United States of America which supports positive social change through mentoring, leadership development, funding investments and direct community engagement.

Why did you set up TSDI?

We believe in the power of local people and communities to lead positive and sustainable social change. However, change-makers often need empowerment on how to access and use innovative and evidence-based strategies. TSDI equips them with training and experiential skills in core areas like needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability. Afterwards, with TSDI funding support, the local partners can use their new skills to lead their communities, champion their ideas for improvement, and achieve lasting results.

Who can become a TSDI Member?

These are US-based professionals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, government officials and policy m…