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Frequently Asked Questions About TSDI

What is TSDI?

TSDI (The Spring Development Initiative) is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in the United States of America which supports positive social change through mentoring, leadership development, funding investments and direct community engagement.

Why did you set up TSDI?

We believe in the power of local people and communities to lead positive and sustainable social change. However, change-makers often need empowerment on how to access and use innovative and evidence-based strategies. TSDI equips them with training and experiential skills in core areas like needs assessment, action planning, project management, evaluation, and sustainability. Afterwards, with TSDI funding support, the local partners can use their new skills to lead their communities, champion their ideas for improvement, and achieve lasting results.

Who can become a TSDI Member?

These are US-based professionals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, government officials and policy makers, healthcare providers, educators, political and business leaders who apply or are invited to join our diverse and influential network.

What is the purpose of TSDI Members?

Through this fee-based membership, TSDI builds a pool of potential mentors and funding for our international partners. Members will become integral constituents of our organization and contribute suggestions to the leaders of the organization. Paid-up Members will receive branded referrals and introduction letters and a member price for events, including for annual conferences, summits, retreats, etc.

What are the responsibilities of TSDI Members:

Members pay membership fees and will attend annual general meetings and vote/contest to become TSDI executive officers. Members will mentor our volunteers (TSDI Fellows and Affiliate Partners) with a minimum of two hours each month.

What do I stand to benefit as a TSDI Member?

All Members will receive branded referrals and introduction letters and a member price for events, including annual conferences, summits, retreats, etc. They will also be able to submit articles for our blog (subject to editorial guidelines) and advertise jobs, volunteer and board opportunities, events and announcements on the TSDI website and social media.

Members who qualify as mentors and currently mentoring peers-partner teams will receive tools and resources such as capacity building workshops, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, resources on best practices, strategy planning, etc.

Who are TSDI Fellows?

These are talented college students and young professionals who are paired with our Affiliate organization participants. US Fellows will work with our members, mentors, ambassadors and other business and policy leaders to initiate and complete their own local projects or expand existing projects being implemented by the Affiliate participant.

What is an affiliate organization of TSDI?

Affiliate organizations work with TSDI towards achieving our goal of empowering young leaders to improve their communities. They enable us to extend our projects to multiple communities across the various regions of the countries that we work in.

What is SI4DEV?

SI4DEV is an NGO registered in Nigeria as Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative and is the first affiliate organization of The Spring Development Initiative. The team at SI4DEV brings together individuals and groups and provides training on practical skills towards achieving democracy, quality healthcare, education and economic prosperity for grassroots communities.

Who are SI4DEV Partners?

These are potential community leaders and volunteers with current activities to engage leadership and catalyze change starting from their local communities. The 2018 class of partners have already made visible and measurable impact in the focus areas of SI4DEV – enterprise, health, education, and governance – either as individuals or part of an organization.

Explain like I’m five, how do I fit into all this?

The Spring Development Initiative identifies grassroots partners with a passion for developing their community, and is actively working to boost these partner’s efforts by providing them with capacity building and collaborative forums. Your efforts as a member of TSDI will contribute to these local community leaders receiving the mentoring and resources they need to implement their programs more efficiently and effectively.