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TSDI Mentors Program 

US-based professionals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, government officials and policy makers, healthcare providers, educators, political and business leaders are invited to join our diverse and influential network. 

Through this fee-based program, TSDI builds a pool of mentors and funding for our international partners. We connect these professional, business and nonprofit leaders with a TSDI fellow or an Affiliate participant abroad. Mentors will work with their matched volunteers to develop or expand new and existing projects. Mentors will benefit from online training modules, including in-person workshops and seminars.

Affiliates Program 

TSDI offers community development and leadership training to affiliates in developing countries. Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by professional life coaches. Affiliates also receive collaboration through social groups made up of like-minded social impact leaders. In addition, TSDI mentors promote strategic thinking, partnership opportunities, research and innovative solutions to help the Affiliate participants address critical social issues in their communities. 

Affiliate participants will benefit from capacity building and mentoring. This will include experiential learning and skills transfer. We also work with affiliates to establish suitability and alignment of goals with TSDI objectives.

Successful affiliates will develop action plans to structure their community development work. The top  proposals will get opportunities for crowdfunding with TSDI support.

TSDI Ventures Fund 

This is the flagship program of the Spring Development Initiative to empower outstanding community leaders. The US-based mentors help the affiliates receiving leadership training to work in their impact area and develop ideas for change. Once a year, successful affiliates and their action plans are supported with donations and grants (between USD $100 – $1,000). 

Every two years, TSDI will also identify one or two projects (as funding allows) to scale their community-based plans by providing a 1 to 5-year grants or loans (between USD $1,000 – $10,000). Affiliates who successfully completes our leadership and business training modules is eligible to apply with a complete business plan. 

With our 501(c)3 status, we can accept tax-exempt donations in the U.S. and provide financial sponsorship for our partners. The generated resources will help accelerate their efforts and grow their impact.