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Report From SI4DEV on Venture Fund and Affiliate Program

As part of our Affiliates Program, TSDI offers leadership training that has been reviewed and approved by professional life coaches. TSDI mentors and peers promote strategic thinking, partnership opportunities, research and innovative solutions to help the Affiliate participants address critical social issues in their communities.

Affiliate participants benefit from an initial six months of capacity building and mentoring. This includes experiential learning and skills transfer; and we also work with these partners to establish their suitability and alignment of their goals with TSDI objectives.

At the end of the six months, successful partners develop action plans to structure their community development work. The top 10 proposals get opportunities for crowdfunding with TSDI supporting with matching funds.

SI4DEV is currently our sole affiliate partner and we agreed to support 10 of their projects with a total of $10,000 in addition to the Venture Fund of $15,000 donated to the Uyo Crop Processing Facility Project. Below are reports from SI4DEV on these projects so far.

Uyo Project Launching

Pilot Projects - Updates

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