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Global Business Forum at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington

2019 is looking amazing! In May, three of us board members of The Spring Development Initiative, participated in the Global Business Forum with grad students at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington. We discussed our organizational strategy, business model, personal resilience, work done so far and way forward.

The vibe was mindblowing and the professor later emailed us the student's takeaways. Three of them are below:

"Hearing about a passion project was a unique perspective, particularly something related to a home culture and country. Different from many other speakers, this panel had to balance full-time jobs with a side non-profit, which I think touched on new elements of resilience. –Eric

I think they are a very inspiring group of people who are using their skills to help out folks who are truly in need. Very awesome! -Megan

I think they brought a unique perspective because they not only spoke on their work as a non-profit, but as part-time work. As an evening student, I could really relate to them on how they dedicate and set limitations on their time spent on the non-profit. One of the key values of their organization is supporting community initiatives already in place in Nigeria. They are not trying to force their own agenda on the communities. They are also very in touch with how their mentor-ship and training is being received and adjust as needed.-Lauren"

On our part, we got inspired and motivated by their energy as some immediately indicated interest in volunteering with TSDI.