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Making a Difference

Want to join us in making a difference in Africa?

Do you believe that African youth have the talent and drive to improve their own communities?

Do you agree that giving local community builders the right tools and support is more sustainable than handouts?

Then, join The Spring Development Initiative in growing the next set of African grassroots leaders.

Young change-makers and volunteers across rural and urban low-income areas in Africa have come up with great ideas to solve their development issues.

Don't give them fish, support us to teach them to fish.

The Spring Development Initiative is a nonprofit which supports volunteer community builders to gain practical leadership and executive skills through implementing community-driven development projects.

We are committed to providing leadership training, project funding and mentoring, as a sustainable way to achieve positive social change in low-income communities.

Help us grow by donating towards our mission.

You can also volunteer your time or skills as a mentor to our partners or assist in tool development and impact measurement.

If you are interested in working with us, please email to find out various ways you can participate.

Thank you.