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Support Handwashing and Health for 2000 School Children in Kaduna Nigeria

SI4DEV is an affiliate organization of The Spring Development Initiative – a US based nonprofit charitable organization. SI4DEV works with local partners to engage in governance and to improve the education, economic and health attainment of their communities. SI4DEV currently has 33 active branches across 25 states in Nigeria including 2 branches in Kaduna State.

As part of TSDI's health and education goals, SI4DEV has benefited from an opportunity to receive donations through the Global Giving platform to provide hand washing and hygiene awareness campaign in Kaduna state. Our partners - individuals and community-based organizations - will be part of the project committee responsible for effective implementation of this project according to set objectives.

We therefore solicit for your kind support and collaboration or donation to ensure the implementation and sustainability of this project in rhis community.

Titled the "HAPPY LEARNERS PROJECT", it will use Visual aids, Poems and Rhymes to teach and create handwashing awareness in 2000 children (5 to 12 years) in 25 schools and 5 local government areas in Kaduna State. It also supports children's school attendance and teacher's shift towards embracing proper hygiene and health education.

A 6-month sustainability plan will give these children and their teachers time to embed these new habits and secure a healthy future where they become change makers in the community.

Please clink on the Global giving site to read more about the project and donate if possible.

Handwashing & Health for 2000 Children in Nigeria

In Nigeria, donations go to GTBank
Account Number: 0366172770 (Naira)
Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative

Can you count the number of children in the above picture with their hands in their mouths? Our logistics team are scouting our participating schools and saw the children of Saidu Model Primary School, one of the target venues for our Kaduna project, sit on the floor for their lessons and pick up so much dirt with their hands. That is why the Kaduna project is so important to help ensure they learn the habit of washing their hands thoroughly and often.

Thanks for giving!