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Update on the Global Giving Accelerator online fundraising campaign

Hello all, and I hope your weekend is going well. We are absolutely excited by our progress in the Global Giving Accelerator online fundraising campaign. Global Giving has supported thousands of organizations in the past and is a trusted donation platform.

Our target is to raise at least $5000 from 40 different donors. At this time we are at $1571 from 16 donors, that is about $3500 and 24 donors to go. If we meet this target, we get a permanent spot on Global Giving, and can raise funds for other projects too, including those you suggest to us.

Our campaign runs until June 29, and on June 20 is Bonus day when every donation we receive will be matched by GlobalGiving, and the more we raise, the more matching funding we will earn.

There is a $10,000 incentive fund up for grabs, which will be proportionally divided among organization based on how much they raise. For example, if we raise 10% of the Bonus Day total, we will receive an additional $1000!

Thank you for all those who have donated. If you haven't, I would be immensely grateful if you'd please consider donating anything at all. I realize that we all have so many personal challenges we are trying to tackle, and if you're unable to contribute, no worries. But please share it with as many friends and family members as you can.

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