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Spring Development Initiative Accepted for GlobalGiving Accelerator!

The GlobalGiving Accelerator is a virtual training program and crowdfunding campaign that helps organizations like ours take fundraising to the next level. We receive:

  1. free virtual training on crowdfunding best practices
  2. access to GlobalGiving’s fundraising tools and services
  3. 1-on-1 support during a 3-week crowdfunding campaign
  4. opportunities to earn a share of $20,000+ in bonus prizes and incentive funds

To graduate, we have to raise at least $5,000 total from a minimum of 40 different donors for one selected project. When we successfully meet this target, we secure a permanent fundraising spot on the GlobalGiving platform, with the ability to crowdfund several other projects. There are also bonus prizes for most funds raised and most unique donors granted to projects raising at least $5,000 from 40 unique donors. So we want to appeal to everyone to help us out. No amount is too small! The more the merrier! We want to graduate and win that permanent spot.

Our project is a carefully chosen proposal by our SI4DEV Partner, Grace Jimbo, who is also the team lead for the SI4DEV Uyo location group. We are seeking $10000 to buy Crop Processing Machines For 100 Farmers. This project will bring economic independence for at least 100 local farmers and their families, including women and children, in six villages in Uyo, Nigeria.

The cassava and palm processing machines will increase the farmers' revenue by reducing waste due to decay and maximizing harvest used or sold to market. We will also leverage strong partnerships for additional in-kind technical support and knowledge transfer and build on existing structures to ensure active community participation and sustainability. Please read more here.

The donations open June 11 but you can save the date and bookmark our project page. Don't worry, we'll remind you closer to the date :)

GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. That said, we’re not just using the Accelerator to raise funds (which we totally appreciate the opportunity!) but we are also leveraging it to develop our volunteer and organizational capacity to plan and carry out online crowdfunding and other marketing and fundraising campaigns.

Please help us spread the word, share and forward this post to your friends and networks. Thank you!