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Community and Stakeholder Engagement By Grace Jimbo - Uyo Project Manager

I want to start by thanking donors to our project to support Uyo farmers.

In the past week, I met with members of the SI4DEV team in Akwa Ibom State who are serving as the Project Advisory and Management Team (PAMT) to deliberate on the step by step implementation of our fund-raising plan.

The PAMT will provide technical assistance to ensure that the project is implemented in line with the objectives of the funding and will provide monthly reports to funders. We agreed that ahead of the kickoff of the Global Giving Accelerator crowd funding campaign, we will engage again community influencers, including community leaders to join them in regular meetings as the foundation of the Sustainability Plan.

Yesterday, June 10, I called a meeting with the village head and some of the proposed committee of the Uyo project to brief them of the outcome of the application and the online global giving challenge and see if we can get any financial support from the village head council. Earlier, community leaders had endorsed this project and pledged support with human resources and land for the installation of the processing equipment.

The meeting successfully held by 5pm at the village head council hall with 10 council members in attendance, including 5 women and 3 youth. In the meeting pictures, the chief is in red cap and at the end before we took the group pix, he went to change in his traditional regalia. This is a gesture of highest regard and shows that they are fully supportive of the fundraiser.

We are glad at their willingness to work with us, and especially the chief making himself accessible to our request. The chief donated N2000 and another 5 council members promised to send in donations by Thursday June 14.

We mean to continue as we have started and appreciate your early support and hope you can share this fundraiser with your friends and network too.

Warm regards,

Grace Jimbo

Uyo team