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Partnership is at the core of all we do, and our principal goal is to enable and encourage the selected change-makers to innovate, improve and scale. The Spring Community Development Initiative supports SI4DEV Partners in four areas - enterprise, health, education, and governance - through local partners in Nigeria.

Education - When it comes to literacy and education, community members know their needs best as has been shown by our partners. For lasting change, communities must decide on how to improve their educational opportunities and success measures, and TSDI is poised to help them come up with ideas to create new infrastructure and change from within.

Enterprise - Our partners in promoting enterprise in Nigeria are committed to training their members with practical skills and increasing local investment. They also facilitate local demand for the businesses they work with and act as liaisons between investors and small businesses. Finally, they encourage other community members to use the businesses that have been set up in this way for more sustainability.

Health - TSDI is committed to improving the health of local communities in Nigeria. Our partners provide sexual and reproductive health products and services and we support them so they can achieve and maintain community trust and expand their network.

Governance - Lack of accountability, transparency and project management skills are leading reasons for failing civic participation in Nigerian democracy and governance. Then there is the patriarchal system in Nigeria that ensures that women and girls are marginalized and continually invisible in the country's politics.